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Equipment is used to increase your chances of success on a mission. There are 56 available attributes. Here are a few.

Increases your health.
Increases your armour.
Item Finder
Increases items found.
Gives a 6% chance to resurrect you at 15% health and armour when you die.
Life Leech
Drain and heal a percentage of damage done.
Gives you a 5% chance to take no damage.

Note when an attribute on a piece of equipment is shown as yellow, its effects stack the more you get. Where white named attributes simply activate if you have a positive number of them.

For Example:
Item finder is a white named attribute. If you have 2 armour pieces with +1 and 1 armour piece with -1 you would activate the skill as you would be left with +1 Item Finder.
However if you removed the -1 piece and had +2 Item Finder the effects would not increase.

Life Leech is a yellow named attribute. Its value is the percentage is uses. +10 LifeLeech drains 10% where as +15 drains 15%.

Some attribute change based on conditions. For example Cracked armour gives a chance for you to take double damage, and this chance increases by 4% for every piece of equipment you have with the wornout attribute.

Another example would be Treasure Hunter which increase your loot level. The loot level given is based on your current rank (attrBase + (7 * currRank)).

Using the equipment menu allows you to change your gear and view whats currently equipped.

You can review your stats on the upper screen. However if you want a list of attibutes gained from equipment simply press the 'Attributes' button in the top right.

If you click on an equipment piece on the equipment screen it will present you with the following lower screen.

Allowing you to remove or change the equipment slot with another item.

Set Bonuses:
Some equipment pieces belong to sets. The image above shows a helmet piece called 'Basic Cap' and you can see it belongs to the set 'Basic'.

Equipping all pieces of a set will grant you its set bonus. (you can view the bonus before gaining it by clicking on the yellow button naming the set).

If you remove a piece that breaks the set you lose the attributes of the item and the set. Some armour pieces are only effective when worn as a set. However some set pieces can be mixed and matched, you just wont get the bonus.

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