Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Main Menu

After creating your file you are moved straight to the Main Menu. This is the central menu connecting aspects of the game together.

The stars on the upper screen are the focus of the game. Collecting all 8 is the challenge!
Clicking the stats box to the right of the character picture will take you to the stats screen.
Story Mode
Continue with the story.
Browse the store and spend your gold on useful items. Some items you can only get from the store.
Allows you to look through your inventory. You can mix and sell your items from here too. You are also able to enchant equipment you don’t have equipped.
View current equipment and attributes active. You can also change your gear here.
Allows you to select the available tutorials. Tutorials when played for the first time reward gold and recipes.
Perk Menu
Starts locked, but unlocked at Rank 3. Allows you to select and change your perks.
Allows you to view medals in progress and completed. You can also pick up your rewards here.
Gives a wider selection of menus.

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