Thursday, 7 April 2011

Level Stats

After failing a mission the following screen is shown.

You can see what you earned, although it will most likely be next to nothing. Even on a failed mission you can save a replay to watch later (watch replays from the 'Replay Menu' in 'Extra').

When saving a replay just select a slot to save it. You can save upto 4 different games. You can overwrite older games as much as you want.

The following screenshot shows a successful mission.

When a mission is successful you have a chance of a mission reward. If you are completing a mission for the first time you are given 2 recipes (assuming you have room to hold them). If you are completing a mission you have already done you have a percent chance of gaining an item. The item will be random based on your lootLevel, however for a mission reward your lootLevel is boosted slightly allowing you to get items you might not have gotten within a mission.

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