Thursday, 7 April 2011

Level Select

The level select screen is shown from three types of level access, Story, Survival and Time Attack. Depending on the mode the upper image will change. The following screen shot shows story mode level select.

Starting the level:
To start a level simply navigate with the next and prev buttons then press on the picture to start that level.

Completed With:
The completed with button will present you with a box showing you what characters have completed that level.

Scores & Time:
You can also view your best time and score for that level. Unlike the other modes, survivals time is better the higher it is.

Watch Scene:
After clicking the picture to start a mission you are sometimes shown a cutscene like the screenshot shown below. To rewatch that scene you can click the 'Watch Scene' button.

Tap on the screen to move the scene along. Once you have watched it, re-pressing on the same level will take you to the mission.

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